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Where to Find Us

Celebrate Each Find

Dive into a world where style meets affordability on the LTK app. Here, you can recreate coveted Pinterest looks without straining your finances.

Discover our selectively compiled fashion picks, ranging from snug autumnal attire to festive decor. Navigate with ease through categories like Amazon and Walmart for those diamond-in-the-rough finds.

  • Fashion for All Seasons: Ensembles for stay-at-home comfort or statement pieces for stepping out.

  • Home & Holiday Decor: Stylish additions to elevate your living spaces.

  • Featured Categories: Easy access to handpicked selections from well-known retailers.

Your Window to Empowerment and Deals 

Step into the epicenter of vibrant content, empowerment, and irresistible deals. Our main social channels are the go-to places where positivity and savvy shopping collide.

On our dedicated Amazon page, we refresh our selection weekly, providing reviews, videos, and must-haves that you simply can't miss.

  • Inspiration Haven: Posts that uplift and inspire.

  • Curated Amazon Selection: A weekly treasure trove of Randi's picks.

  • Exclusive Content: Videos and reviews to inform your choices.

Exclusive Insights to Randi's World

Join us on Lemon8 for a candid peek into trending finds and the daily routines that keep Randi thriving.

For broader coverage, our YouTube channel is brimming with the latest guides, shopping vlogs, and tips.

If that's not enough, extend your discovery to TikTok and Pinterest for even more.

  • On Lemon8: Intimate access to trend-setting secrets.

  • On YouTube: Subscribe to stay updated on shopping how-tos and fun content.

  • On TikTok and Pinterest: Videos and pins to keep you in the loop of web-wide deals.

Common Inquiries

Connecting with Us on Digital Platforms

To follow us on social media, search for our brand name on major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We maintain active profiles to engage with our community.

Tips for Efficient Saving

  • Set a budget: Track your income and expenses to manage your savings better.

  • Automate savings: Set up automatic transfers to a savings account.

  • Cut unnecessary expenses: Review your spending habits and reduce non-essential purchases.

Placing a Request for Specific Items

If you're looking for a particular item, fill out our 'Item Request' form on our website or directly message us on any of our social media handles with the details of your request.

Viewing Our Social Media Posts

To view our shared items on social media:

  1. Follow our social media profiles.

  2. Turn on notifications for new posts.

  3. Browse our feeds for recent updates and shares.

Maximizing Your Savings with Our Platform

Take advantage of special deals and promotions by:

  • Subscribing to our newsletter.

  • Frequently checking our website's deals section.

  • Following us on social media for exclusive offers.

Identifying Top Sellers of the Week

Visit the 'Best Sellers' section on our website. You can also look for weekly round-up posts on our social media pages to discover the most popular products.

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