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Randi at her computer in her office deal hunting

Stealz Approved

Ever wondered who's testing the waters before you take the plunge on a new product? Meet the Stealz Approved team! Our product-loving pros, like the fabulous Randi Owsley, have been around the block literally!


With 20 years under her product review belt, Randi and her trusty team have explored electronics, toys, clothing and everything in between, all to bring you honest, mom-family- tested recommendations on the best finds out there. 

Where Deals Meet Real-World Testing!

Up To Date

 Our Stealz stories are checked regularly to keep everything up-to-date! From prices to new product insights that pop up, you’re always getting the latest info. It's like having a best friend in the biz, keeping you in the loop so you never miss out on a steal.

Team Experts

Who else is in this tean of deal-digging dynamos? Our very own Kelly Stepanian and Caleb Owsley help lead the charge! As the senior deals editor and editorial director, respectively, they ensure that every product we chat about is Stealz-approved and ready for action.

Shop Confidently

Plus, our extensive team of editors and staffers aren’t afraid to put these picks through the wringer to ensure you're getting the real deal, with no fluff, and all function! Meaning, our Stealz Approved seal means shopping with confidence.

Our Team.

Our team is the heartbeat of our operation—the glue that binds our passion for delivering honest, insightful reviews with a personal touch. We're more than just a group of product enthusiasts; we're a family of curators with a diverse set of skills and a shared commitment to helping you make informed decisions. The culture here is built on a bedrock of trust, openness, and a sprinkle of fun, ensuring that we stay connected not just to products but to the people we're guiding. Get acquainted with our phenomenal team:

Randi Owsley

Two decades of navigating the vast world of consumer goods have honed Randi's expertise to a fine edge. She's the captain of our ship, leading a dependable team through the ever-changing landscape of electronics, toys, clothing, and more. Randi's reviews aren't just thorough—they're mom-tested. With Randi at the helm, you can be confident that our recommendations are built on a foundation of real-world experience and relentless curiosity.

Kelly Stepanian

Eagle-eyed and always on the pulse, Kelly breathes life into the phrase 'shop 'til you drop.' With five years of bargain hunting and meticulous product testing under her belt, Kelly's knack for unearthing deals that you won't want to miss is second to none. Her energy is infectious, her dedication unmatched, and her savings tips? Absolutely indispensable.

Nicole Torres

A true deal whisperer, Nicole has a talent for digging up the best offers the internet has to veil. She's your go-to for stretching that dollar without compromising quality, ensuring you walk away with value every time. Nicole's agility in bargain discovery is pivotal to our team's mission—helping you make savvy shopping decisions without the hassle.

Ashton Swartz

Trend-spotter and connector, Ashton brings the shine of Walmart finds and the dazzle of Amazon wins straight to your doorstep. His enthusiasm for the next big thing is as boundless as his commitment to consumer satisfaction. Ashton's contributions not only highlight the day's best deals but serve as a reliable guide to the online shopping wonderland.

Our Philosophy

Each member of our team brings a unique flair to the table, but collectively, we champion a simple philosophy: transparency, integrity, and a bit of merriment make for the ultimate shopping experience. We believe every product has a story and every consumer has a need—together, we bridge that gap, creating a space where informed choices meet delightful discoveries. Welcome to our community where review meets reality and where every suggestion is served with sincerity.

Join us, and let's navigate the vast and vibrant market together!

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